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In 2014 Leon Shapero decided he wanted do more for his local community, So he gathered together a group of connected locals and created what would become ACE Foundation, an amazing charity which funnels 100% of donations back into the community.

ACE Foundation Aiding Casey Education

As the Founder and Chair, Leon, or Dr Shapero as he is better known, is a General Practitioner Obstetrician in the City of Casey in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs, and has been working with schools and welfare centres in the area since the 1980's.

ACE Foundation has grown over the years offering multiple programs, with the vision to assist local children, helping them overcome any educational challenges they may be facing, and to give them the best possible chance of a quality education.  

 Every month, ACE's feeding hungry children program delivers 2500 meal replacement drinks to children attending school who have not had breakfast or aren't taking lunch to school.

Recognising that a student's vision, dramatically impacts their ability to learn, ACE has teamed up with 9 local optometrists to provide free eye testing, and to supply glasses where needed. So far, over 7000 eye tests have been conducted, and 1500 pairs of glasses issued, some to children who have severe, previously un diagnosed conditions. Dr Shapero says "the impact is immeasurable, for under $200 you can change a child's education and future"

ACE Foundation thankyou letter
ACE Foundation provides free vision testing and glasses


ACE Foundation also offers free tuition, which was forced to move to zoom meetings during lock down periods.

To encourage young students, ACE gives 54 different schools 6 x $100 to be given as awards, some of which have been used by students to buy much needed books

ACE Foundation  - removing barriers to education

Unfortunately 2020 has been a tough year for the foundation, with all of its fundraising events cancelled due to COVID-19. 

In the future Dr Shapero, and key members of the foundation like Teresa Muratore would love to expand the reach of ACE Foundation beyond the city of Casey, and are looking into opportunities for funding to allow them to do so. 

ACE Foundation providing free eye testing and glasses

 If you would like to donate to this great charity, you can do so here:

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