Kristyna Hessova - Lockdown Portraits - Ep2 Good People Doing Good Things

Kristyna Hessova is much more than a great photographer, She's funny, she's caring, and she's created a great initiative called Lockdown Portraits.

Kristyna Hessova Lockdown Portraits

Lockdown Portraits was created with the looming cloud of COVID-19 and the imminent stay at home orders, in an attempt to document the different experiences people are having during their own lockdown journey.

Krityna Hessova Photography Lockdown portraits

 Krisyna began arranging photo shoots with all sorts of families and housemates, and supplying images to each household for them to keep. She would also record an interview over the phone with a member from each household and layer them together into a audio visual art piece.

Kristyna Hessova Lockdown Portraits

Kristyna Hessova Photography Lockdown Portraits

IOGN's Andy Fithall caught up with Kristyna, to have a chat about the project, and meditation, and climbing trees, and comedy... 

There are a couple of secret agents who make an appearance at the end too.

Keep an eye out for that.

 You can also listen to the interview here