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Grindhog Day Coffee Beans 1kg

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IOGN - Proudly Supporting Foodbank

Every 1kg purchase puts 16 meals on the table for vulnerable Victorians

Grindhog Day is IOGN's first ever coffee blend, and was named by a local lady called Kylie, who won a fun community competition run by IOGN to let the people decide what to call it. 

There was something about the name Grindhog Day.

It was really relevant to the situation in Melbourne during lock down.

And a bit funny, which we like...

There's nothing funny about the coffee though, it's a serious matter.

Grindhog Day is a medium to dark roast, and a perfect combination of coffee beans originating in Brasil, Colombia and Papua New Guinea, which is expertly roasted, to create a blend that cuts perfectly through milk in a latte or flat white, but with enough character to be enjoyed by long black and filter coffee lovers

We experimented with various blends, but this was the clear winner.

Tasting notes:

Malt, almonds and chocolate throughout followed by a soft body. Very palatable with low acidity and a clean finish.

We really love it. 

Why not give it a shot, or a double shot...



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