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Bluecup Capsule Pack - 6 Reusable Capsules

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Bluecup is a low cost, reusable coffee pod which is perfect for people with Nespresso machines, who are wanting to reduce the impact their coffee consumption is having on the environment.

Like reusable coffee cups, after a short time, the initial cost of the pod pays for itself by dramatically reducing the cost per coffee, AND stops contributing to landfill the moment you start using it. 

All materials used in Bluecup products pass strict food and durability standards


Why buy this pack?

  • You need additional pods from your Starter Kit
  • You make strong coffee - You need multiple pods in one session
  • You want to make coffee for more than 1 person at a time - multiple pods required

Reusable pods are easy to clean by emptying the grinds, and rinsing under water, and to avoid doing this while making coffee, simply purchase the extra pod pack! 

In this pack:

  • 6 x Bluecup reusable coffee pods 

NB, this pack does not include the tools required to make Bluecup pods. 

See Bluecup Starter Pack

Key benefits of reusable pods

  • Immediate reduction in waste, lids are also recyclable
  • Choice of coffee - buy your favourite local, freshly roasted, coffee.
  • Economical - the cost per cup is immediately reduced
  • Continue to enjoy the benefits of a pod machine  

Lids are 100% recyclable if collected in a metal can and deposited into recycling all at once.  


Suits the following pod machines:

Nespresso machines manufactured after 2010